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kapruka Reviews

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  • Dissapointed Sinhala New Year Delivery

    I think there price ranges are far expensive and the recent order I placed was never delivered. I ordered a cake & some fruits for my Mum in Gampola in April and this was not delivered. Few days after, I got a message to say that they tried to contact me as there was some missing delivery information. This was not the case & I had no miss calls or messages from them prior to this message. When I checked online, it had a status of "progress". Which was not an indication of anything wrong. I think there are far more places in Sri Lanka if you look around that will be worth... More...
    Hiruni's Picture   Hiruni    0 Comments   Comments
  • International order VLKRC788AA52

    I'm very unhappy abou the kapruka unprofessional international orders. I made the payments well in advance and yet they manage to contact the person late for a B'day. What's the point in delivering the next day. So the delivery was not accepted but they kept sending emails about so called excellent customer service etc and that there will be a refund. May be it might work in Sri Lanka but for international orders I suggest you use another reliable online service. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Vibu's Picture   Vibu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst delivery service

    Worst experience ever.... Blindly accepting orders and cancelling them without even informing the one who booked it. Shame on me that I selected such a poor, not trust worthy source to make my loved one happy.. Waiting whole day it was only around 10.30 pm at night when I got to know my booking was cancelled. From the morning when I called, they said they would deliver the gift asap even without checking the voucher no which I was about to say, at night, Hakeem who answered my phone call had no option at that time only said "no we cannot do it now " , no curtsey at all. Said... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Madara's Picture   Madara    0 Comments   Comments
  • Late delivery

    I ordered flowers to be delivered at 11.00 am which was delivered at 7.30 pm the flowers didn't look fresh. Even though they mention time is not guaranteed it's too late 1 or 2 hours okay it's almost 8 hours late and when I check stutus at 7.30 am it said it's out for delivery it took 12 hours to deliver. I used to order lot of stuff through Kapruka few years back and I stated to order again. And the customer service guy is not friendly at all so I decided to stop ordering through them anymore they should know customer service mean first rule should be friendly. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Ehjazz's Picture   Ehjazz    0 Comments   Comments
  • No order delivered

    I ordered some food from dinemore yesterday and I got no confirming email to confirm the order which I thought was unusual of them but my card is charged. I called today to ask about the order and when I gave the details of the order since I don't have a order number he said that since he ordered yesterday it was a last minute order and we can't proceed without email confirmation. When I told I have not received an email he was like there is something wrong with your email. I would say one of the worst customer handling ever. He was more than willing to cancel the order. I assume... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Upez's Picture   Upez    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service ever

    I ordered one Cake for Mother's Day and they have charged me twice and have sent two cakes without my authorisation. As soon as I got the notification that they have charged for the 2nd time I tried calling around 10 times and mailed thrice saying that I didn't authorise the transaction and to cancel it. They never replied until 2 days to say that they already delivered and cannot refund. When I asked why I never heard from them. I have been a kapruka customer for 2 years with over 15 orders and will never order from them again and will advise everyone I know not to order from... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Thanuja's Picture   Thanuja    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very late

    I ordered a cake for dad's birthday and instructed them to call him before delivery. At the end I had to call dad who had to wait whole day at home. It was delivered at 7.30PM only. No any calls before arrival. On inquiry, their reply was that they were busy on the day. No answer to why they did not call. The delivery guy has told they have lot of orders for the day. Although they charge for individual item, it seems they send hundreds on the same vehicle. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Buddhima's Picture   Buddhima    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wrong article

    Ordered some Batiks early February 2014. Received the parcel end of February with a wrong Batik painting. Wrote a email, and was asked to contact the Colombo Office. Made about 8-9 calls from Germany to Colombo (cost much more than the Price of the batik) and spkoe to one Susantha, Sunesh and a Lady whose Name was not given to me (she had no idea at all about treating customers and never letting the other Person to speak!!) and was told to wait for a week. On the 12th of March, called again and was told by Susantha the the parcel was posted and that I would receive it on the 15th of... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sreepathy's Picture   sreepathy    0 Comments   Comments
  • In palatable food

    I ordered a cake for my mother's birthday. The cake they delivered same day as I requested but the cake is very bad. I ordered really nice cake showing in their web site Galadari Ribbon Cake. It cost me 32.18AUD and ordered some short eats. Everyone in the birthday party said that was not eatable cake and the short eats also same. The cat in our house also refused to eat that horrible food. I send a e.mail to them and one person reply and they will investigate that and let me know but still I didn’t get any response from the. I couldn’t recommend this www.kapruka.com .... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    pavithra's Picture   pavithra    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    3 weeks before my friend's birthday I ordered chocolates and cognac to be delivered on the birthday date; at this time my order was confirmed and my credit card charged for the complete order. One day before my friend's birthday I received a phonecall telling me the expensive chocolates were out of stock, I checked the website but there was nothing else suitable so I asked for a refund of my $57; I also expressed my disappointment as it was then too late to order the chocolates from another company to be delivered the next day. The next day, the cognac was delivered. Following... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ericatjolly's Picture   ericatjolly    0 Comments   Comments
  • Make a Complaint about the Rude & Unprofessional Customer Service...

    I ordered a cake (CAKEFAB00100) Flower basket & B'day Candles. What a shame ! there were only candles and the flower basket.The Cake was not there & it has missed. I called their hot line number and the call was answered a person named Mr.Chef He was rude and really unprofessional. They have sent a another cake through a taxi driver which was totally different from the Cake which I had originally ordered.When we do online purchasing we give our personal details as a matter of Trust/Respect to the company. At this stage they have sent our personal details to unknown persons.Be... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    rasangiuwanni's Picture   rasangiuwanni    1 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointing/irresponsible service.

    My fience has sent a dozen of fresh roses for the valentines day and they delivered it in a box and all the flowers were pretty old and most of the petals were damaged and dry. i called the customer care and they said they will arrange a redelivery but i did not receive any flowers nor they pick up the hotline number when i call. very disgusted and disappointed by your irresponsible service.I shall also inform this to my friends overseas and will no longer hold ANY deals with such CHEATERS!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    indeewari's Picture   indeewari    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kapruka did not deliver all the items

    I ordered a cake and a bottle of whisky for my dad's birthday from Kapruka.com. They delivered the cake but not the bottle of whisky. Called the Colombo office about 5 times during last 3 weeks, everytime we call, they say they are going to deliver it today. It has never been delivered until now. Ordered on the Apr 17, 2011 for next day delivery. Today is May 9th. The biggest problem is no one answers the USA/Kentucky numbers. More...
    lcsp's Picture   lcsp    6 Comments   Comments


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